committente /owner

progetto architettonico /architectural design realized by D. NEGRI

progetto strutturale /structural design

direzione lavori /site supervision

piani fuori terra / stories above ground level


- 2006 Compound of approx. 50 villas Al Wakrah           Mr. Ali Al Khater.  Planning and Concept Design.


Abdulla Bin Ali Al Thani                 +  Services =            Arab Engineering Bureau



2005 Palace of approx. 3000 sq.m.          5 Km South/East of  Doha, close to Salva  Road.Semi-basement for maids and and related service rooms. Guests area, Family living , and indoor Swimming Pool at groud floor, bed rooms suites at first floor.   Landscaped Park of approx. 12.000 sq.m.  Separate Servants Quarter and Ancillary  Buildings Sh

 2005 Private Office and Majlis Building of 1500 sq.m., Qatar, the same above land


         SH Abdullah Bin Ali Al Thani.               + Services =         Arab

Engineering Bureau

2000- Mosque for 500 people.       QATAR  GAS.                + Services =             Asco


2000-  QATAR GAS Office Building, approx. 12.000 sq.m., in Ras Laffan.         QATAR GAS                   Services          Asco.


1993  Private Office and Majlis Building – 500 sq.m.,  for Young Members of the  Royal Family            Royal Family.                       = White Young Qatar



1993 Private Office and Majlis Building of  3500 sq.m. Al Wadjba. In adequate landscaped park          Minister of Foreign Affairs.                      =White
 Young Qatar.  Interiors = Design 2000 International.




1993 Palace of approx. 7500 sq.m.           Al Wadjba, with separate Servants Quarters Building  for 30 people, Ancillary Building, Garage for 18 cars, 60.000 sq.m. landscaped  Park, indoor and outdoor Swimming Pools.          Royal Family Member.                          + Services =  White Young Qatar. Interiors = Design 2000 International.


1089 Villa of approx. 800 sq.m. Al Wakrah.                  Mr. Abdullah Al Abdullah.                               Services = Qatar Design Consortium


1983 Villa of aprox.1800 sq.m. Al Wakrah.                   Mr. Ali Al Khater.                            Services = Qatar Design Consortium



1977 Civil Works Design for the Black Start Power Station with two Gas Turbines of 16 Megawatt Each.          Ministry of Water and Electricity.  General Contractor for turn key job=FIAT TTG                         =Engineer Sergio Gario. Daily  Supervision = Fiat TTG


2003  Palace            approx. 4000 sq.m., Al Rayyan Al Qadeem. Indoor Swimming Pool, Guests Area and Family living at ground fl., bed rooms suites at first fl.           SH Mishail Al Thani                    + Services = Arab Engineering Bureau.  Interiors = Bosena Karpinsky



2002 Mosque for approx 300 people Al Rayyan Al Qadeem.           SH Nasser Al Thani.                    + Services = Arab Engineering Bureau




2002 Palace           approx 4000 sq.m., Al Rayyan Al Qadeem. Indoor Swimming Pool, Guests area and Family living at ground fl., bed rooms suites at first fl.          SH Nasser Al Thani                    + Services = Arab Engineering Bureau.  Interiors=Bosena Karpinsky .


2001 Villa           approx 800 sq.m. the West Bay Lagoon             .Mr. Andy Stevens.                           + Services = Arab Engineering Bureau.


2000  Amiri Pavillon, VIP Lounge, Mosque for 600 people in the area of the actual Doha Airport. Kept on hold in view of the the project for the new Airport.               Graphic presentation=ASCO 


 2000 Villa of approx. 800 sq.m. near Al Mammoura Roundabout.           Dr. Abdulaziz Al Kolaifi                                 Arab Engineering Bureau.

2000 Compound of approx. 12 Villas                near Al Mammoura Roundabout.             Mr. Hussain Al Fardan.                            + services = Arab Engineering Bureau



1999  Advisor to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs for the appointment of another International Architect for the Design of  the Museum of Islamic Arts.    State of Qatar



1999  Al Ahali Hospital, 250 beds, Ahmed Bin Ali St.           SH Thani Bin Abdullah Al Thani. Design and Supervision of theMain Entrance Façade, Reception,   Atrium decoration, and all the Interiors.


 1999 Compound of approx. 15 Villas              Al Soudan.             Mr. Hussain Al Fardan.                               + Services = Arab Engineering Bureau.


 1998  Park House English School,             for 800 pupils/students, from nursery to the 13th level. ( Now extended to 1000), with football pitch and 25m. long  swimming pool In Al Nuaija(A) = Mr.&Mrs.  Brennan.                                   Services = Arab Engineering Bureau.


1998 Villa Al Salata Al Jadeed,                     Mr. Hussain Al Fardan.                           + Services = Arab Engineering Bureau.



1997 Member of the Jury (with Ricardo Legorreta, Fumihiko Maki, Luis Monreal, Ali Shuaibi) for the Design Competition for the Museum of Islamic Arts.



1997 Member of the Organizing Committee for the International Design Competition for the Museum of Islamic Arts.          The State of Qatar. Coordinator = The Aga Khan Trust for Culture.



1997 - Villa in the West Bay Lagoon,                 Mr. Fahed Al Fardan.                        + Services = Arab Engineering Bureau. Interiors = Dasign 2000 International


  1997 - Majlis Building of 500 sq.m. Al Saad.             Mr. Hussain Al Fardan.                          Services = Arab Engineering Bureau.


1996 - Consultant to the State of Qatar Special Office for preparation of the International Competition for the New Museum of Islamic Arts.



1996 - Mr. Fahed Al Fardan Villa Al Saad,                                   + Services = Arab Engineering Bureau Interiors = Daesign 2000 International.


1995 - Mr. Ali Al Fardan Villa Al Saad,                                   + Services =Arab Engineering Bureau Interiors = Salam CO.



1994 - West Bay Lagoon Resort, Doha North.  Proposal for General Planning with Hotels and Residential Buildings along  sea water canals. Private Company.   Concept Only.    Graphic Presentation = Dar Al Handasah Cairo (Egypt)


1992 - 20 Stories Twin Towers, Doha Cornice at Sheraton Roundabout,           SH Hamas Bin Jabor and SALAM Co.                         + Services =Rice Perry Ellis

1991- QIMCO Office Building along Doha Cornice.          with central atrium from ground to the sky lighted domed roof.           QIMCO Holding.

                      + Services = ASCO Consultants



1990 - Al Jasmin Compound, approx  50 Villas            with Club House and Swimming  Pool in D Ring, close to Ramada Hotel Roundabout.        
        Royal Family Member.                          + Services = Arab Engineering Bureau

1989 - Villa in D Ring Rd., approx 2500 sq.m.,                     Mr. Ahmed Al Mana.                           + Services = Al Mana Engineering.



1989 - Amira Compound, 30 Villas             with  Club House and Swimming Pool  in Madinat Khalifa North.          Al Nasser.                          + Services =AEB



 1989 - Extension to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along Doha Cornice.              Approx  7000 sq.m.            Ministry Of Forain Affairs.

 + Services = ASCO Consultants. Interiors = Design 2000 International.



1988 - Elderly People Accomodation Al Salata,          130 suites,            Qatar Red Crescent Society.                        + Services = AEB. The Building, before its completion, was shifted into the 4 STARS HOTEL MOVENPICK.

1987 - Qatar Red Crescent Society Women Branch in Al Salata. Cluster of 6 separate buildings for: Administration            Nursery School, Vocational Schools ( 2 nr), Sale and House Keeper.   Approx. 5000 sq.m.,         Qatar Red Crescent Society.                         + Services = White Young & Partners.     Interiors = D. Negri Architect



1985 - Headquarters of the Qatar Red Crescent Society in Al Salata,             approx 6000 sq.m., with Managerial offices, meeting rooms, auditorium/conference hall,   exhibition hall.          Qatar Red Crescent Society,                             + Services = White Young & Partners  Interiors = D. Negri Architect



1984 - Municipal Cafeteria (now Iranian Restaurant) Al Saad Street, approx 400 sq.m.            Doha Municipality.                          + Services = Qatar Design Consortium.


 1984 - Municipal District Al Haloul Street of approx. 800 sq.m.          Doha Municipality.                              + Services = Qatar Design Consortium.



1990 - BAHRAIN -  Winner of the Design Competition for the Crown Prince MAJLIS Palace of nearly 7000 sq.m., in Rawda..          
            Ministry of Housing Graphic Presentation = Dar Al Handasah Interiors Concept Design = Design 2000 International QATAR

1990 – BAHRAIN – Winner of the Design Competition for the Crown Prince DEWAN Palace of nearly 13.000 sq.m., in Rifa’a.
           Ministry of Housing.  Graphic Presentation = Dar Al Handasah.


Through my schooling

and professional life,

I could always ascertain that difficult steps help to afford new challenges with determination and

to climb higher


1984- Municipal District at TV roundabout of approx 800 sq.m.        Doha Municipality.                       + Services = Qatar Design Consortium.



1979 – SAUDI ARABIA – Industrial Store of approx. 2000 sq.m.  for Power Station in Al Khobar.          FIAT  TTG.


1978 – Single family Villa,         approx 3000 sq.m., indoor swimming pool, landscaped park of 16.000 sq.m., separate builbdings for Gents Majlis and Ladies Majlis, garage for 12 cars, Main kitchen and   servants quarter for 18 people.        Mr. Hussain Al Fardan.  
                   + Services = White Young and Partners. (PROJECT KEPT ON HOLD TILL 1982) Interiors = Design 2000 International


 1978 - OMAN – Villa in Seed of approx. 800 sq.m. G plus 1.            Al Nasser Family.


1978 - Complesso condominio HABITAT MONVISO IV Crissolo (CN), Via Ruata, 22+22 appartamenti con garage. (Villaggio Miravalle)         Immobiliare HABITAT di Genre Lorenzo e C.

1977/1982 -    EGYPT – LIBYA – SANTO DOMINGO Several bills of quantities and quotations of civil works for Power Stations Tenders to be   submitted to the relevant Ministries of Electricity.           FIAT  TTG


1977 - Power station in Ras Abu Fontas - QATAR -                                Ing. Sergio Gario.


1977- Complesso res. e comm. VITTORIA di 42 app. , 9 unità comm., magazzini e 32 garages, Luserna San Giovanni,   Via Airali ang. Via De Amicis.         Immobiliare DELTA  di Maccagno Vincenzo e C.



 1977 - Villa unifamiliare           Barge (TO), Via Bagnolo 3/e          Sig. Genre Lorenzo.


1976 - Edificio condominiale di 4 appartamenti Barge (TO), Via Bagnolo3/d             Soc. Edilconfort di  Genre Lorenzo e C.


 1976 - Edificio condominiale di 6 appartamenti Barge (TO), Via Bagnolo 3/c              Soc. Edilconfort di Genre Lorenzo e C.


1976 - Compound of nearly 22 small villas in Mazzaron.           Sociedad EUROSOL de Roberto Bergonzi & Partners


1976 - Edificio condominiale di 6 appartamenti Barge (TO), Via Bagnolo 3/b           Soc. Edilconfort  di Genre Lorenzo e C.


1975 - Compound of nearly 24 small villas in Torrevieja.            Sociedad EUROSOL de Roberto Bergonzi & Partners.


 1975 - Compound of nearly 20 small villas in Torrevieja.           Sociedad EUROSOL de Roberto Bergonzi & Partners


1975 - Edificio condominiale di 12 appartamenti Barge (TO),  Via Bagnolo 3/a.           Soc. Edilconfort di Genre Lorenzo e C.


1975 - Edificio industriale di mq. 1300 con palazzina residenziale           Venaria (TO) Zona D7.  Corso Novara 35.       Geom. Paolo Longo.


1974 -  Edificio condominiale           su 2 interrati (garage e cantine) Rivoli (TO) fraz. Cascine Vica, Corso Francia 127.      
Geom. Paolo Longo.

1974 - Edificio condominiale          Collegno (TO), Via Donizzetti 53.            Geom. Paolo Longo


1974 - Palazzina residenziale           piani ab. su porticato Torino Via Michele Lessona.  F. Mussano.



1973 -  Compound of nearly 20 small villas Torrevieja.             Sociedad EUROSOL de Roberto Bergonzi & Partners



1973 - Cooperativa Dipendenti FIAT           Torino, Via Guido Reni.

1973 - Edificio condominiale           su porticato in Buttigliera Alta (TO) Fraz.Ferriere, Via Cascina Tolosa             Geom. Paolo



1973 - Cooperativa Dirigenti Fiat di 160 appartamenti Torino Corso Salvemin. Stessa Prestazione del paragrafo precedente.



Cooperativa Dirigenti FIAT di 280 appartamenti in Torino su Corso Monte Cucco, Via Monte Ortigara,  Via Castellino.          Progettazione delle sole aree comuni quali i porticati di accesso ai 15 atrii di ingresso con arredo di bassorilievi e sculture di Giovanni Ceccarelli (Nerone) rispettivamente lungo i porticati e negli atrii stessi.


 1972 - Complesso di edifici di           cpl  120.000 mc. (c.a.40.000 mq) Torino.            IACP.  Impresa costruttrice Cile di Milano.


1971 - Complesso di edifici          piani ab su porticato cpl  95.000 mc. (c.a.32.000 mq)a Volvera(TO)            I.A.C.P.  Impresa costruttrice  CILE di Milano.


1971 -14 Stories Tower of approx. 50 flats Torrevieja.          Sociedad EUROSOL de Roberto Bergonzi & Partners


 1971- Complesso di edifici residenziali            cpl 30.000 mc. (c.a. 10.000 mq) Orbassano (TO)           IACP.  Imp. costr. CILE di Milano.



1970- Edificio condominiale           Torino, Via Nicomede Bianchi.              Geom. Aldo Cusino.


1970- Villa bifamigliare            Locana (TO).           Geom. Piero Tosco e Sig.Tosco Ferdinando.


1970- Edificio condominiale ab. su porticato           Collegno, Via Verdi ang Corso Togliatti.          Geom. Paolo Longo.


1969- Villa unifamigliare          Pino Torinese, Strada San Felice.           Famiglia Patrito.


1969- Edificio rurale          in una Frazione di Cherasco (CN),          Famiglia Riccardi.


1969- Edificio residenziale          Cherasco  (CN). Strada principale            Famiglia Riccardi.


1969- Ristrutturazione Edificio Rustico in Vidracco (TO), Strada Feipiano 2,          Sig. Alberto  Manca.


1968- Edificio residenziale         Torino, zona Corso Monte Grappa.          Geom. Paolo Saggese.


FOR PROJECTS REALIZED ABROAD - my commitments were usually

limited to the Architectural Design,  Coordination and Supervision

1968- Villa unifamiliare             Vidracco (TO).            Signora Nigra.


 1968- Edificio condominiale           e          Collegno (TO), via Marsala. Geom.        Paolo Longo.


1967 -  Edificio residenziale          Torino, zona Pozzo Strada             Familia Satragni.


1967 - Edificio condominiale          in Collegno (TO) Via Minghetti ang. Via Cimarosa.         Geom. Paolo Longo.


 1967- Villa unifamiliare            Rosta (TO).             Geom.Paolo Saggese.



 1966 - Centro Polisportivo su area di 130.000 mq. a Scarmagno (TO).           Comune di Scarmagno.

1966 - Villa unifamiliare con edificio custode Torino, Strada Val Salice 227/1/B.        Dr. Arturo Margaritora.


1965 - Edificio condominiale              Torino, via Botticelli 17.           Dr. Arturo Margaritora.


1965 - Palazzina condominiale            Asti.          Ing. Giovanni Martinengo.


1965 - Edificio residenziale           Torino, Via Sebastiano Caboto.             smarrito.


1965 - Edificio Industriale             + seminterrato - c.a. 13.500 mq. a  Cormano (MI).               Woltz  P.B. Dr. Piero Ravasio                             Impresa Costruzioni CILE - Milano.


1964- Edificio condominiale             Torino, via Botticelli 15.            Dr. Arturo Margaritora.


1964- Edificio Industriale di mq. 4000 c.a. Torino Zona Nord.             Sig. Mario Marchisio.


1964- Complesso di edifici residenziali            Torino, zona Mirafiori             Sigg. Ambrogio e Cesare Turati.


1964- Edificio condominiale,           Torino, via Botticelli 13.           Dr. Arturo Margaritora.


1963 - Tomba di Famiglia          Ing. Vergnano, Cimitero di San Mauro (TO).



 1963 –Villa unifamiliare           Pinerolo, Colle di S. Maurizio,          Rag. Cesare Turati.


 1962- Edificio condominiale             Torino, via Usseglio 20.           Dr: Arturo Margaritora.

1961- Nr 2 edifici condominiali             Bardonecchia, viale Bramafam.           Dr. Gibello.


1961 - Villa in San Mauro (TO)                     Famiglia Curioni.


1959 - Palazzina condominiale           Torino, corso Lecce 96.             Sig.Francesco Margaritora.


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