Domenico Negri, born in Turin (Italy) in February 1928 and actually living in the same city where he retired at the end of his professional career.

Graduated in the late fifties at Turin’s Polytechnic after the five years course in the faculty of Architecture,started in 1948 and terminated after ten years of hard struggle between the full time job in a contracting company and the university courses.

The experience acquired working in the construction field, helped him to set up a little practice in Turin and there he developed his initial activity in the central and north west regions of Italy, where, his main commitments have been for small villas, residential and industrial buildings needed after the destructions of the second world war.

The difficult Political Italian situation of the seventies encouraged him to look also out of the Italian borders and, at the end, he succeeded to obtain commitments in Spain, North Africa, Middle East and finally in Qatar in 1977 where, with the friendly support of the renowned jeweler and finance/business man Hussain Al Fardan, he started his second phase of professional activity that continued satisfactorily up to his retirement in 2008.

Qatar became his second Fatherland and,beside enjoying a pleasant and comfortable social life, with a great concern of always merging the modern concept with the local cultural identity, he designed many residential palaces, office and government buildings availing also


of the cooperation of well known locally established consultants for structures and mech/electr. engineering, while, for the interior decoration of residential palaces, a total and highly professional contribution was given from the renowned Italian company Design 2000 International.


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