Al Fardan Group  had a land of approximately 7000 sqm in the West Bay close to Doha Cornice. In the mid eighties, after receiving the commitment for the design of their new headquarters, I started with great enthusiasm in my office still active in Turin. The urban planning, conceived for the West Bay by the Californian architect Perreira, still was limiting the buildings height to ground plus four stories and with that compliance I proceeded with the sketch design.

After obtaining the Client’s approval I prepared the preliminary design and related model.  Though the concept was accepted, he preferred to keep the project on hold since the economy of the country still was not so promising. After almost ten years the exploitation of the gas fields was becoming a reality and that triggered the second phase of Qatar’s growth with a strong demand of office premises and residential buildings, in the meantime the height limit have been cancelled and the construction of towers started. Though the Group had his own Architects and Engineers Consulting Company, the commitment for an office twin towers project was given me.  When I submitted my design proposal, the Client shifted his requirements from offices to apart hotel, then half apart hotel and half offices, further he added a huge automobiles show room, finally his own consulting company took over the project. My initial design concept is shown herewith in the sketches and rendering.

That circumstance started for me and AEB as well a pleasant and long lasting cooperation.






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