All around the land where QIMCO Headquarters (ground plus three) was erected in the early nineties the towers were growing like mushrooms, since now the buildings in the West Bay

Cornice were not anymore impeded from any limit of height, consequently the Board of Directors invited me to prepare a feasibility study for a tower adjacent to the existing headquarters.

The result was that a 24 story tower was feasible and complying with the current regulations for parking, distances, etc. After the approval of the preliminary sketches for all the plans and elevations, in the year 2000 I submitted to the Client the complete design proposal that was accepted but kept on hold for several years for budget reasons.

I left Qatar in 2008 and, since I remained in touch with almost my clients, they informed me recently (2014) about the board decision to proceed with a new project for a 50 story tower.

Obviously that implies the demolition of the existing building, this what the rules of the new economy lead to in this country, anyway I am happy that the Consultant is AEB.



proposal for tower in DOHA

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