Though it was conceived for one single family, I cannot name this building a simple villa, considering it covers a built up area of 7500 sq.m., it deserves to be named a palace and it is the biggest single family building I designed in my professional career.

Beside this residential building, from the same client I was also committed to design his private office ( majlis in Arabic ) of nearly 3000 sq.m. And a smaller majlis of 500 sq.m. for his sons. No need to say that the owner is a very important person.

These three buildings sit on an landscaped park of 70000 sq.m. and the client wished a subdued appearance with a classic look recalling the Islamic culture as well. Herewith their brief functional description.

The residential palace has a large guests area with a spacious domed entrance hall preceded by a car porch, a sitting and a dining room for forty people each.


Architectural design and supervision: Domenico Negri

Engineering design and main supervision: White Young Qatar

Interiors design and contracting: Design 2000 International




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